Gunilla Heilborn Collection,

We were asked to create an exhibition that would give visitors an overall picture of Swedish choreographer/director Gunilla Heilborn's career that was to be on display during the weeks leading up to the premiere of her new performance at Dansens Hus in Stockholm.

What defines Gunilla's work for us is that they are often preceded by a solid research work and that the final result is always on the verge that, as an audience, we do not really know if she is serious or joking, if she speaks truth or makes stuff up as she goes. That uncertainty is what we wanted to capture in the exhibition.

The Gunilla Heilborn Collection is a merchandise collection containing a display concept, 9 objects and a look book that in more or less obvious terms all refer to the performances and films that Gunilla has created over the years. The collection should be considered an independent contribution to the story.