Fisksätra Mönsterarkiv,

An image-based book about an art project. The artists, wiklundwiklund, have run the project for 10 years. Here is an organic art project that has made new ways as in the book, the artists describe how they formulate their own mission, starting collecting patterns of residents on the site. How the next step makes patterns for stairwells in the area. People tell stories with patterns – a card game, a sock, a flag. Slowly, the collected material, the archive of images, becomes more visible in Fisksätra's vicinity.

An environment where residents made permanent impressions in their area. The art projects are described as a successful example of how to work with art, citizenship and location-related affairs, and have landed in some kind of contemporary hometown and local history.

The pattern archive finds a remarkable love between the pattern and Fisksätra. The pattern is without center, just like the suburb. Just like all of us. Everyone is the center. That's the hope. – Lars Mikael Raatamaa

Text by Katarina Bonnevier, Beate Grimsrud, Lars Mikael Raatamaa et al.